Rosanna Gunnarsson Composer

Creating music and sound for visual media, art, advertisement and branding


Composer from Värmdö, Sweden. Studies include music production at Rytmus, composition at Gotlands tonsättarskola and the Royal college of music in Stockholm. 

I make music to all kinds of media ranging from games and mobile apps to art music pieces for different ensembles and orchestras. The pieces I have made include works for Norrbotten Neo, Blåsarsymfonikerna, Södra Latins kammarkör, Ivo Nilsson + Tora Thorslund, Arméns musikkår, Malva-kvartetten, Drottningholm Barock ensemble  and Stockholm Saxophone Quartet. I have also made several pieces for electronics. My latest was an audiovisual installation at Stockholm concert hall "Surfing soundwaves - Baltic sea" that was a part of last year's summer exhibition. 

My greatest passion is making music to physical energy and movement. Specializing in creating Soundprints that with music captures and recreates physical experiences and moments of flow. Read more about it in the category "Moving sound". 

I'm also passionated about enhancing different places, experiences and brands with custom made music and soundscape. The idea is to create a complete solution where associative thinking through music opens up for greater experiences in the present (for example during an event or exhibition).

I'm a member of the Swedish society of composers/Föreningen svenska tonsättare, a board member in Uruppförandeklubben, Young Nordic Music/Ung nordisk musik (UNM), Konstmusiksystrar/Art music sisters, and Stockholm art music center (SAMC).


- I'm very excited and happy to have my piece "Surfing soundwaves" exhibited at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.  It stands next to gate F32 at the newly opened pier and you can visit anytime you find yourself at Arlanda Terminal 5! 

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- My piece "Surfing soundwaves - Baltic sea" was played during the Swedish radioshow "Elektroniskt i P2" 29/10-17. The program can be heard here -->

- On september 28th the Stockholm Saxophone quartet  performed three of my pieces at a composer presentation in their studio at Tulegatan 53. 

- I recently got elected into the Swedish society of composers (FST föreningen svenska tonsättare)! I'm very happy about that as it gives me another forum to meet and work together with my composer colleagues and friends. Check out my profile here -->

- From 3/6 to 3/9 an Exhibition called "Twirling Shadows" by photographer Peter Bodhi Anand Ullberg was shown at Mälsåker Castle. I made music inspired by the pictures and the castles that accompanied the exhibition. Read more about it below, and under "Showreal" you can hear the music. 


- 27-28/5 "Apnea" - a dive in sound  was shown at Ljud och genusfestivalen in Gothenburg

- My audiovisual piece "Apnea" - solo for baritone saxophone, was performed by Linn Persson ( 31/3 at Uppsala stadsbibliotek  --->

- My piece called "Surfing på svenska/Surfing in swedish" was performed by Jesper Nielsen (guitarr) and Isabell Gustavsson-Ny (piano)  on march 18th in Västerås concert hall. 
An article about it can be read here -->

- Here's a link to a news report about my piece at Stockholm concert hall.  It was aired on SVT 1 (swedish national television) 13/7-16 

A "Kristallen" nominated (swedish television prize) tv-show on SVT where the intro-theme and additional music is made by me


I have an instagram @composer_ontheroad were the idea is to capture moments of sound in my everyday life and on travels - go check it out!